Breckenridge Mountain and Mountain Road 23s16
This is a ride I did sometime this summer (2010).  I left Bakersfield and went over Breckenridge Mountain and worked my way over to Mountain Road 23s16.  This is not really a "ride report" but a posting of some pictures with a little explanation of what is in the picture and or where the picture was taken.
This is a section of twisties heading up Breckenridge Mountain.
Cow Flat Road runs between Breckenridge Road and Hwy 178.  I went down to Lucas Creek.
Lucas Creek
Yep, it really is the road to the Breckenridge Lookout tower!
The Tower!
Yes, I know it is just a rock, but I like to think of it as the stone guardian of Breckenridge Mountain!
Havila is cool little town to take a break in and look around.  A lot of old history here!
The north end of 23s16.  I rode it north to south.
Somewhere along 23s16 looking to the northeast.
The start of the road up to Tobias Lookout.
Tobias Lookout
Frog Meadow.  Looked like a nice place to camp.  Spent a lot of time here as a kid.
And the last picture of the day was taken at the intersection of Hwy 155 and Rancharia Road.  From here headed down and home.  With the side trips it was a little over 200 miles.