November 14, 2010
Hwy 58, Tepusquet Rd., Hwy 33
I have ridden this loop several times by myself and with small groups.  It is about 420 miles or so and very little of that 420 miles is straight line riding!  I had three riding partners on this trip.  Two would complete it with me.  The third had to bail out a little early.  We met up at Chevron around 0800.  Everyone filled up and we kicked tires and told stories for a little while.  About 0830 we decided we had better get rolling as this was going to be a long day.  Let's meet the riders!
Steve and his 2010 Kawasaki Concours
Erik and his 2009 Kawasaki Concours
Bob aka "Groucho"
and his BMW GS
Ya, this is my GS Adventure!  No picture of me yet!
The problem for me riding with Erik and Steve is they ride hard and fast.  They are not used to stopping for pictures or setting up shots in corners and what not.  So most of the pictures today had to be shot on the move.  Heading out toward McKittrick there are a couple of straights with little or no traffic.  Took some bike to bike shots through here.
We stopped to take a short break out on Hwy 58.  It was still a touch cool at this point.  Steve is in deep, deep thought here!  I am guessing he was thinking how nice it is to get away and ride!
So, after our break we continued west on Hwy 58.  I thought I would have the guys ride 229 and set up for some good pictures in a couple of the corners.  Well, that did not happen!  They slowed down for the stop sign and were far enough ahead of me I could not catch them to turn em' around.  Oh well, maybe next time.  We continued on into Pismo for some breakfast.  We stopped in at the "Shell Cafe" and had some good Tri-Tip and eggs.  Needed to be powered up for the rest of the day.  After we finished eating I had to do something.  I have a friend, Mike, who wanted to go on this ride but just could not make it happen.  He was bummed!  He has not been able to ride much lately.  Mike really enjoys riding on the coast and breathing the fresh air.  Coming from Bakersfield fresh air is hard to come by!  When he told me he could not go I told him I would bring him back some fresh air from the coast.  So, after breakfast I had to go get some fresh ocean air for Mike.  We rode down to the pier,  I gave Steve my camera and I grabbed my air grabbing jar.  I hope Mike is able to enjoy his fresh ocean air!
First you have to pour out the old, dirty, nasty Bakersfield Air!
Then you have to be very quick and scoop up the clean ocean air!
The hardest part about catching air is getting the lid on fast and tight!
After I finished catching some air for Mike we headed south on the 101 to the 166.  Eastbound on the 166 looking for Tepusquet Rd.  Just took some random shots while on Hwy. 166!
Tepusquet Rd. (35.02223N, 120.20800W) is at this time one of the best paved twisty roads around!  I would rank it right up there with 229 in terms of fun!  You have to keep in mind there is a little more traffic on this road compaired to 229, but it is a single lane, nicely paved E-Ticket ride for about 6 miles.  After that it widens and straightens out for about another 8 miles.  I tried (again) to get the guys to stop for some pictures on this road.  I was leading and I pulled over and stopped.  Groucho stopped with me.  So I figured the other two would stop, turn around and come back.  Ya, not so much.  I guess they were having too much fun and they knew Groucho was with me so what do you do.  I set up for some pictures and had Groucho run the corner for a glamour.
So, I was expecting Groucho to make another run at the corner so I stayed laying on the side of the road in the dirt.  Next thing I know he is pulling off in front of me.
So, he pulls off the road.  Gets off his bike and starts looking at his front tire.  I am thinking to myself.....this is not good.  He then looks up and says, "Hey, you better come look at this."
What?  I don't see nothing!  Spend more time riding on the sides!!!
Well, turns out Groucho has been commuting on his bike about 200 miles of slab a day.  This is not healthy for TKC's.  As you can see the center of the tire is pretty flat.  This was causing him concern because the bike was not handling the way it should.  Groucho thought it best he call it a day and head for the barn and new shoes for the pony!  I sent him on his way and started to chase down Steve and Erik!  It was great getting to ride with you again Groucho!  Hope to do it again in the future!
We made it over Tepusquet and rode Foxen Canyon Rd. up to Hwy. 154.  It was a nice ride through the wine country.  The 154 drops us down into Santa Barbara.  Took these pictures headed down to the 101.
Ya, there was a little traffic!!!
We rolled into Ojai needing a rest and a little gas.  Erik and I needed a Monster as a little pick me up!  We still had about 100 miles to ride!  We saddled up a short time later and headed to Hwy. 33 for the last leg of the ride!
This was the last picture of the day.  I was headed down Hwy. 33 towards 166 and I was starting to get a little cold so I stopped to put a liner on.  The air was pretty clear so I snapped this picture of the valley.  About 420 miles or so was riden and a very good time was had by all.  Erik, Steve and Groucho are some of the best guys you can ride with and I look forward to riding with them again!  Thanks for a great day guys!