November 12, 2010
Lunch in Avila via Hwy 58
I had run into a friend of mine Joe, a couple of times over the last month or so.  Everytime we parted ways we would say, "Hey, we gotta go ride!"  Well, today the conditions were perfect.  Joe got a kitchen pass and I was run out of the house by BB because she had to study for an up coming test!  Worked out for Joe and I!  We met up at 0900 hours and headed out for Hwy 58 with Avila and the Custom House our destination.
I think Joe was pretty pumped about getting the Duc out on Hwy 58.  He had not been out this way on it before.  I do believe he is in for a treat!
We pretty much just blasted Hwy 58 only stopping one time for a stretch and glove change for me.  Joe had a smile on his face when he took his helmet off so I guess he was having fun.  He rode behind me the whole way so I am pretty sure I was holding him up.  I told him to take the lead and get after it but he said he was just fine following.  I think he was just trying to make an old man feel good!!.....Ha!  Well, we came to a stop sign.  You know the stop sign I am talking about.  It is the one that when you make the right hand turn the cheeks of your face start to hurt because your smile is so big!  Yup!  229, Rossi's Driveway!  Next stop the windmill 6 miles down the road!  When we arrived at the windmill I stopped and got off my bike just as Joe was pulling up behind me.  I wish I had the camera out for his arrival.  I could tell he just had one hell of a good time!  Come to find out he did not even know about 229!  It sure is a good feeling when you can take someone on a road they had never been on and they have that much fun.  On the way back I tried to set up some pictures of Joe coming through a couple of turns.
So, I drag Joe away from 229 kicking and screaming and we head towards Avila.  We go and have some lunch at The Custom House.  It was by far not the best part of our day.  I am not going to bash the place because I have had good food there.  Today was not one of those days.  Enough said!

We relax for a little bit, suit up and head home via Hwy 58.  I have a favorite photo corner out there so I set up there and had Joe make a few passes on it.  After I took a few pictures we headed home and called it a good day at around 1500 hours!

Joe, thanks for the good day!  Looking forward to doing it again.  Maybe next time you will be on a GS!!
And that's all folks!  Hope you enjoyed the show!