November 11, 2010
Veterans Day Ride
Breckenridge Mountain
I, like most Americans, had Veterans day off.  I used my day off to go for a ride.  I picked Breckenridge Mountain because I wanted to stay local and I had not been up there in a month or so.  I know they are about to close the road so I thought one last trip up for this year would be a good idea.  The weather looked good when I left the house around 0900 hours.  As I started climbing into the hills on Breckenridge Road it looked like a little weather might be pushing in or hung up on the mountain.  In this picture Breckenridge Mountain is behind the clouds.
Up on the mountain the skies were clear and the temps were pretty cool, I think it was about 47 degrees.  Seeing all of the fall colors was really nice.  I have ridden Breckenridge enough this year that I have been able to see the mountain go through three of the four seasons.  I started riding up here in the Spring while there was still snow on the ground.  Summer while everything is green and growing, and now fall.  This mountain does not seem to get many visitors.  I always stop at this spot and I have yet to have anyone pass by me.  The snow is coming and the mountain will settle in for its winter rest.
Once you start to descend off of the east face of the mountain Lake Isabella comes into view.  I have taken many pictures of the lake from this location and this is one of the clearer ones.  Usually there is a haze in valley, but a couple of days after a storm passes through and the dust and smog is still gone.  Off to the south the clouds I saw in the morning are rolling south, staying low and in the valleys.
Of course today is Veterans Day so I stopped by the Lake Isabella WWII Memorial to take a couple of pictures and to take a moment to thank the Veterans who have given to this great nation of ours.  Without them who knows what kind of country we would be living in today.