DEATH VALLEY 10/22-23/2010
I went to a Bakersfield BMW Motorcycle Club meeting this month.  Their group ride for the month of October was a three day adventure with the group camping at Panamint Springs.  Bill and I met in Bakersfield and road over together on Friday.  We both had to be back Saturday afternoon.  We took off and rode Hwy 178 east up through the Kern River Canyon and up and over Walker Pass.  As we are heading into Ridgecrest I have Bill pull up along side for a picture.
We pulled into Ridgecrest and we both were hungry.  We started looking for a sandwich shop as we were rolling through town.  We spotted Charley's Grilled Subs and pulled in.  Turned out to be a good choice.  The place was packed by the time we got in and ordered.  We decided to eat outside using our bikes as our tables.  Very good sandwiches.  I would recommend this place if you are in Ridgecrest.
As we were loading up to leave Ridgecrest Bill asked if I would like to have him take some pictures using my camera.  I handed over the camera and the next few pictures are Bills fine work.
Bill suggested we take Wildrose Road into Death Valley and then take Hwy. 190 out to Panamint Springs.  I had never been on Wildrose Road so of course off we went.  I was a touch goaty but good fun on the GS.  We stopped and took a few pictures along the way.
And then a few more pics on the move!
We rolled into Panamint Springs and we were flagged down by Dee and directed to our camp site for the night.  Dee was able to get three sites in a row.  I had never camped here before.  Very nice place.  Bill and I set up our tents first thing and secured them to the ground as it started to rain about 5 minutes after our arrival.  It just spinkled a little bit so we were good.
After we had the bikes unloaded and visited a little while we secured some wood from the camp host, for $9.00 a bundle.  I thought that was a little steep for the wood we received, but hey, we are in Death Valley.  Bill and I brought our food for dinner and the rest of the gang was going to eat at the restaurant across the street from the camp grounds.  Bill and I had the better dinner!  This is Bill relaxing by the fire!
I know this is not a good picture, but this GS is way cool and so is it's owner Dwight.  We were lucky to have him join our little group!  He has some really cool camping gear!
Okay, the fire is going and dinner is getting ready to get cooked, the sun is setting and the moon is rising!  And a full moon it is tonight.  We did not even need flashlights to see around camp later in the night!
The fire!
A very good group of folks, with the exception of Bill!  He is taking the picture!  I do believe a good time was had by all!
The weather was great!  Just a little bit of a breeze and around 68 degrees for a low!  Bill and I along with the group hit the ground running around 0800.  I am not sure of the time because I did not have a watch, who cares right?  Bill and I hit the road around 1000 headed for Bako.  I needed to be home around 1600.  Plenty of time right?  Bill and I are leaving Death Valley but we stopped to take these pictures.
I do believe it was at the intersection of 190 and 395 when I lifted my visor and yelled, "I think we have enough time to go home through Kennedy Meadows!"  Bill replies, "Cool, never been that way!"  And off we went!  They really need to rename that road to 90 Mile Canyon Road, not 9 Mile Canyon!  Our first stop was at the North end of the Chimney Peak Road.  I hope to ride this before the snow sets in!
As we rolled into Kennedy Meadows we thought it might be a good idea to get something to eat.  Here is Bill in Kennedy Meadows by the store followed by Bills grilled Salmon Sandwich, followed by my Patty Melt!  Total cost of lunch, $12.00 including tip!  My Patty Melt was the best!
We rolled over Sherman Pass without stopping.  The cloud cover would not have made it worth it.  On the down hill side we stopped and took some pictures.
Bill looking good coming down the hill!
This is the last shot of the day!  Thank you Bill for making me look like I know how to ride!  Shortly after this picture was taken I told Bill, "Hey, I have two hours to get home!"  Bill's reply, "I guess we had better haul ass!"  So we did!  I made it home with 15 minutes to spare!  Thank you Bill and the Bakersfield BMW Motorcycle Club for making this trip worth it!  I had a blast!