Nacimiento/Furgusson Loop 10/17/2010
This is the second time in the last two months I have attempted this, what I call a loop.  The first time I messed up a tire doing a little off roading on my way over to the coast.  My friend Shelly, who lives in Atascadero saved me that day.  Today Shelly, Bill and Eric joined me for this ride.  Bill and I left from Bakersfield and we met Shelly and Eric in Atascadero.  I knew weather was going to come in later in the day.  As we were leaving Buttonwillow I snapped this shot in my mirror.  Red sky by morning, sailor take warning!
Bill and I left from Bakersfield at 0645.  I had arraigned to meet Shelly and Eric in Atascadero at 0900 at the 41 and the 101.  I figured we had plenty of time which would allow us to ride 229 from Hwy. 58 over to the 41.  229 was in great condition with only two dirty corners!  I really like that 6 miles of fun!  Ya, I don't have any pictures.  I was riding!  When we met up with Shelly and Eric the weather which was supposed to come in late in the day decided 0905 was late in the day.  We decided a little water was not going to keep us from having a good day so off we went!  We arrived at Fort Hunter Leggett a short time later.  Here we are taking a short break at the old entrance....out of the rain!
While we were enroute to Fort Hunter Leggett we saw all kinds of critters, both dead and alive.  Some of them were alive before Shelly found them, then they were not!  She claims it was an accident!.....LOL  Bill decided he needed one of these to take home to his wife. 
Ya, it's in the bag!  Not sure how that worked out at home!
After making our way through the Fort and capturing the Aphonopelma (Tarantula) we made it to a little sunshine and the infamous coast line.  Here is the group and a couple of coastal shots.
After our little break we headed towards Morro Bay.  Really, that is Morro Rock!  You just have to look for it.  I am not so good at taking pictures left handed in traffic yet.  I am working on it though!
So, after a great ride of 390 miles with great people to be on a ride with, Bill and I returned to the valley and the promise of no more rain!
Ya, not so much!  45 minutes after getting home all hell broke loose!  Thunder, lightening and rain!  I am glad we out ran that one!  Thanks to Bill, Eric and Shelly for making this a great ride and a great day!